Jul 28, 2014

5 Things to Know About Joetta Clark Diggs

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5 Things to Know About Joetta Clark Diggs

The Somerset Patriots are holding Olympics Night Thursday, when they will celebrate youth athletes involved in Olympic sports. In addition, the Patriots will welcome Joetta Clark Diggs—an Olympic Track and Field great, and current Hillsborough resident—to the stadium. In honor of this event, we present five things to know about Diggs.

Information from Diggs' website.

  • Four-Time Olympian—Diggs was a track and field runner in the Olympics in 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000, and has competed in every outdoor USA Championship or Olympic Trials since 1979. And of those, she won five of the last eight.
  • Top 10—Diggs has ranked among the top 10 American runners for the last 21 years, and has been ranked top 10 in the world since 1991.
  • Joetta Sports & Beyond—Diggs created this organization to bring health, fitness and empowerment to corporations, colleges and many more.
  • "P Principles for Success"—Diggs wrote this book, on lessons she learned from track and field.
  • Joetta Clark Diggs Sports Foundation—Diggs is executive director of this foundation, which promotes the importance of physical activities for students, and also provides opportunities for them in sports and entertainment.

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