23 Aug 2014
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Grenade Found, Man Guilty of Assault Top Local News

And students complain that school lunches are not as filling anymore.

Grenade Found, Man Guilty of Assault Top Local News

Inactive Rocket-Propelled Grenade Found in Home

A rocket-propelled grenade found in the basement of a house on Country Club Road Friday was found to be inactive, according to Bridgewater Township Police.

CVS Prepared to Construct Left Turn Lane on Union Ave.

CVS has offered to construct a left turn lane from Union to Finderne Avenue in order to allow for full access at its Finderne Avenue driveway and hopefully get approval from the township for a new building.

Watch Group to Keep Close Eye on BOE

A new organization has been formed in the community to keep an eye on how the board of education is taking care of the school district.

Bridgewater to Receive Full State Aid

Because of its positive score in the state's Best Practices questionnaire, the township will receive its full state aid for 2012.

Man Guilty in High-Speed Chase That Hurt Woman

A New York City man was found guilty of aggravated assault after being arrested following a high-speed chase in 2010 that left a woman injured.

School Lunches Not Satisfying, Students Say

Students have expressed complaints that they are having to pay more for school lunches lately, while the food is less satisfying.

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