23 Aug 2014
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Escape to Wednesday Morning Walks in the Park

Park Commission organizes convenient walks every Wednesday at Duke Island Park.

Sometimes there's just not enough days in the week, but every Wednesday we'll give you an idea of something to do to relax, spend time with family or just take some time for yourself.

With a little planning, and for even less money, Somerset County residents can head off for a leisurely walk through each Wednesday morning, weather permitting, and loosely organized courtesy of the Somerset County Park Commission.

The free weekly walking group meets at 9:30 a.m. almost every Wednesday, and proceeds for a short walk along the trails of the park that can even include a stroll along a beautiful stretch of the Raritan River.

The group meets at the Duke Island Visitor’s Center. No registration is required.

The park commission is even generous enough to provide free coffee, tea and treats after the walk.

But while you may not expect to lose weight as a result of the weekly walk, it is a great way to [gently] start to or stay in shape.

The crowd that gathers is very congenial, welcoming newcomers and returning walkers alike. Many wear sneakers on the easy paths along the walk.

For further information, call 908-722-1200, ext. 226 or check the Somerset County Park Commission's website.

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