Jul 28, 2014

Traditional Sushi Still a Tasty Treat

Lee's Sushi offers its own take on a sushi dinner.

Traditional Sushi Still a Tasty Treat Traditional Sushi Still a Tasty Treat Traditional Sushi Still a Tasty Treat Traditional Sushi Still a Tasty Treat

You could stand on a corner and look around until a restaurant sign draws you in. But we've got a better idea. Each week, Patch picks a great restaurant either in town or nearby that is worth checking out. Here's this week's choice:

Lee’s Sushi

Overview: Located on Route 206 South in Hillsborough, Lee’s Sushi offers a break from the typical strip mall offerings of pizza, Chinese and more pizza and Chinese. It’s the second sushi restaurant in town, and offers a slew of traditional rolls and newer creations.

Those who aren’t a fan of fish are in luck as well, since the restaurant offers teriyaki and tempura dishes as well. Those offerings range from beef, tofu and chicken teriyaki to vegetable and lobster tempura.

Those opting to start their meals with appetizers will find the usual offerings like miso soup, several salads. and edamame. And Lee’s does offer several takes on kebabs, steamed or fried dumplings and sushi or tempura appetizers.

While the restaurant does not include a Chef’s specials section, its Maki or Te-Maki section contains the majority of its sushi rolls. Those looking for a larger meal should consider the Sushi and Sashimi section of the menu, since it includes several entrée-sized meals, and soup and salad.

Desserts include ice cream, ice cream tempura, bananas tempura and a fruit platter.

Décor: Lee’s Sushi has a more understated décor than many Japanese restaurants. It’s very simply decorated, with a few pictures on the walls and models of Japanese barges behind the sushi chef’s station.

Entrees: While the menu’s entrée section is meant for diners with a larger appetite, Lee’s Sushi shows variety in its Maki and Te-Maki menu section. There, you’ll find the traditional tuna, salmon, yellowtail, maki, Boston, California and Alaska rolls.

The more adventurous might be attracted to the Kamikaze roll [soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, pickled jalapenos and a spicy sauce], the Fire Dragon roll [shrimp tempura, with tuna, tobiko and spicy mayo], or Lee’s Special Roll [cucumber, avacado topped with eel and smoked salmon].

Several rolls, like the restaurant's Kamikaze and Hillsborough rolls, are very large—something to remember as you're trying to pick them up and eat them.

Many of the sushi rolls include tobiko, which is fish roe—so if you’re not a fan of fish eggs, you’ll need to ask them to omit the tobiko from your order.

Lee's Sushi
438 US Highway 206 #5, Hillsborough
Cost: $$

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