Jul 30, 2014

High-End Cars Stolen From Driveways

Three car thefts reported in North Caldwell in last week. Police urging residents to lock their cars.

High-End Cars Stolen From Driveways

Police are reminding residents to lock their cars after three unlocked high-end vehicles were reported stolen from North Caldwell in the last week. 

All three cars were taken from driveways during early morning hours, according to Det. Sgt. Bill Texas.

A Mercedes SUV, which was left unlocked with the keys inside, was reported missing on Thursday, August 23. Another Mercedes SUV, also left unlocked, was reported stolen on Wednesday, August 22. The third car, an Infiniti sedan, was reportedly taken from a driveway on Saturday, August 18.

In all cases owners woke up in the morning to find their cars gone. Police estimate the thefts occurred between midnight and 3 a.m.

Two of the car thefts occurred on the south end close to Bloomfield Avenue. But, Texas warned, all residents should be vigilant.

The thefts remain under investigation by North Caldwell Police, who are working in conjunction with the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office.

An advisory issued Thursday, stated residents should take the following precautions:

1. Leave enough lights on to illuminate the exterior of your home and driveway areas.

2. Report suspicious activity, people and strange cars to the police.

3. Keep an eye on your neighbors’ property and vehicles.

4. Park vehicles inside garages when possible.

5. If you must leave cars parked in your driveway, make sure that they are locked with alarms set, and that the keys are in a secure location inside your home. Never leave your keys inside your vehicle for any reason.

6. Do not leave dealer supplied "Valet Keys" in your glove compartment or anywhere inside your vehicle.

7. Do not leave valuables or anything containing personal information inside vehicles.

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