Jul 29, 2014

Letter: Local Realtors Using Flags Irresponsibly

The writer is a member of the Caldwell American Legion Post 185.

Letter: Local Realtors Using Flags Irresponsibly

I am writing this letter to voice my concern about the recent trend of local Realtors placing American flags along the curb sides in the West Essex area during the Fourth of July. Although it appears to be a nice patriotic gesture on their part, in reality, it is an advertising tool that I find inappropriate. If the Realtors are truly genuine in their patriotism, the flags should not display their business cards. These same cards and flags end up as litter days later and are seen knocked over and lying on the ground.

I personally find it distasteful to attach your own picture to an American flag for personal gain. Can we expect to see these business cards attached to crosses on Good Friday or to the Star of David on Yom Kippur eventually?

I hope our town councils can prohibit this type of advertising in the future. At the minimum, the Realtors should be required to retrieve the flags the following day to avoid the deterioration and abandonment of our nation’s highest symbol.

North Caldwell resident lost his legs in Afghanistan defending our flag last year. Local residents and Sgt. Jorge Oliveira were killed in action. Maybe the Realtors should attach a picture of these local heroes to the flags instead of their own business cards. That would be patriotic.

God Bless America.

Michael J. Bettin, Caldwell American Legion Post 185 Member

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