Jul 28, 2014
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Oh Baby, That's No Baby!

Also, hitting a cop no way to end an already crazy night.

Oh Baby, That's No Baby!

Each Monday, Patch takes a peek at some of the more surprising, shocking, stunning and occasionally silly police-related incidents reported throughout New Jersey for "OMGs from NJ PDs." Some of the reports:

If Only He'd Use His Powers for Good: We've got to admire this guy's ingenuity and cunning, though certainly not the way he allegedly put them to use.  NJ.com reports that a man escaped from police (he was being arrested on thousands of dollars of active warrants and after allegedly harassing a diner employee) after he palmed a handcuff key in a fight with an East Windsor officer. Which is impressive, if ill-advised. He was free for more than six hours before being recaptured—we assume by Batman.

You Don't Tug on Superman's Cape, Installment One Bazillion: Regular readers of OMGs know our "Superman's Cape" category—and why this incident fits it. . The man told an officer his friends (presumably the cast of  The Hangover) had left him in town, according to a police report. So an officer gave him a ride home—and at first he was grateful, police said. The man thanked the officer for the ride—then fell to the ground, police said. His friends called from the doorway for him to come inside, and the man responded by yelling curses and racial expletives and running down the street police said. When the officer caught up to him again, the man turned and swung with his right-back fist, hitting the cop on the right ear and cheek, police said. Let's just say an already eventful night took a turn for the worse after that.

We've All Been There: Though most of us handled it a little better. . "I wasn't going to hit him. It's just my biggest pet peeve when people cross in front of my car with(out) using a crosswalk," the driver allegedly told police.

Good Dog!  NJ.com reports a police dog took down a Trenton man who'd knocked down the dog's human partner earlier in the day. And, NJ.com quotes police saying, the dog “held [the man] until he was compliant.”

Oh, Baby! A Keansberg man and woman do indeed have a baby—but that's not what was in their stroller just before they got arrested,  according to a report on APP.com. The baby was safe at home with a sitter while a walkie-talkie took the youngster's place, so that mom and dad could use it to coordinate the robbery of a Dunkin' Donuts, police told APP.com. 

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