Jul 29, 2014

POLL: What's Your Favorite Deli?

What's a great place to get sandwiches where you live?

POLL: What's Your Favorite Deli?

Perhaps it's the fresh bread, savory meats and cheeses or homemade salads?

Maybe it's the personality of the folks behind the counter.

But everybody has a delicatessen that's special to them. I mean, it's New Jersey after all.

Maybe you like to get pastrami on rye, mozzarella and prosciutto, or fresh turkey on a roll.

But whatever you order, you keep going back there for a reason.

This week, share with us the name of your favorite deli. And, if you like, tell us why you like it in the comments section. We'll publish the results on Friday. And, in the meantime, bon appetit!

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