Jul 30, 2014

West Caldwell Mayor: Power Restored to 90 Percent of Town

Warming station at firehouse will close. Library will be open for charging at 9 a.m.

West Caldwell Mayor: Power Restored to 90 Percent of Town

The following message was released from the West Caldwell Mayor Joe Tempesta Sunday evening: 

PSE&G continues to make progress and we estimate now that 90 percent of the township has power. We recognize that all residents are not receiving this message, but those of you that are receiving this message we ask if you can share this message with your neighbors. Also please check on your neighbors particularly senior citizens that may need extra assistance. 

We are getting close to having more power restored in the last hour. We have had Westview Road and Holiday Drive get power back and we are aware of about a dozen other streets that still need to get power restored. If you have a situation where you have no power but your next door neighbor does than it is advisable if possible to contact PSEG as this may be an individual house service issue. If you do not have the ability to contact PSE&G via cell phone you may call or come to WC Police headquarters and we will report the situation on your behalf. If you call our Police Headquarters in this situation kindly call our non-emergency line at 973-226-4114. 

Please listen to this carefully. As PSE&G continues to work, wires that are down may become energized and will be extremely dangerous. Please stay away from all downed wires, telephone poles and downed trees. Please keep the kids safe and away from downed wires! 

At this point we have determined that is not necessary to have a warming station officially open however our West Caldwell Public Library is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and all are welcome to use it. 

An announcement will be forthcoming soon from the Caldwell-West Caldwell School District regarding school tomorrow. As far as Halloween and trick or treating on our streets and in our neighborhoods I strongly suggest against that since there are still dangerous conditions existing on some of our streets. 

Please be safe and if you have an emergency situation call 9-1-1. 

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