Jul 29, 2014

Police Confiscate Toy Guns from Two Boys

Male youths, ages 13 and 12, apprehended on River Road with Airsoft pellet guns.

Police Confiscate Toy Guns from Two Boys

Borough Police confiscated toy guns Thursday from two boys after receiving 911 calls reporting two male subjects on River Road.

According to a statement released Friday, the boys were "dressed in dark clothing with their faces partially covered carrying 'machine guns,'" as 911 callers said. Four police, including Chief Philip Crosson, responded to the scene, along with township police.

The boys, ages 12 and 13, were located in front of the 5K Deli at 63 River Road with Airsoft pellet guns, according to the release. Police confiscated the guns until the boys' parents could be contacted.

Chatham police responded to a similar situation on Aug. 10, when three youths were apprehended near Chatham Middle School with an Airsoft gun, which was taken from the boys, according to the release.

The release further stated that firing weapons, including Airsoft weapons, in Chatham Borough is prohibited.

Trinity Airsoft makes realistic-looking toy guns, along with accessories such as BBs and magazines. Some of the toys have orange plastic tips.

The press release also included a statement from Chief Crosson saying that "even though [Airsoft] weapons in and of themselves is not illegal, the mere possession of them in public creates a potentially dangerous environment for everyone."

The release also stated that in a situation like the one on Thursday, police consider the weapons to be live firearms until they are proven otherwise.

Chief Crosson and other officials from the Chatham Borough Police Department could not be immediately reached for comment.

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