Jul 29, 2014

Read Along with These Bookmark Winners

The bookmark contest at the Library of the Chathams ended on July 21.

Read Along with These Bookmark Winners

Laura Weinbrom, the head of the Childrens Department of the Library of the Chathams, announced the winners of the .

A total of 186 children ages 12 who participate in the Summer Reading Club at the created original bookmarks promoting reading.

The bookmarks were on display in the library foyer for the first three weeks of July. In that time over 600 library patrons cast their votes for their favorite bookmarks.

The bookmarks were organized by age group, with winners in each age category as follows:

  • Age 5 & Under: Cora Reardon
  • Age 6: Livia Profaci and Katie Markley
  • Age 7: Tommy Sennett and Tess Higgins
  • Age 8: Jackson Singer and Kate Ryan
  • Age 9: Lea Casano-Boris and McKenzie Golden
  • Age 10: Daniel Witthuser and Lily Bauer
  • Age 11 & Over: Erin Bobo and Tessa Abrams

The winning bookmarks will be printed and available throughout 2013 as official Library of The Chathams bookmarks.

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