Jul 28, 2014
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9/11 Ceremony to Be Held Sunday in Wood Park

Cinnaminson resident Scott Lunn organizes the yearly event to honor those lost and those who continue to serve.

9/11 Ceremony to Be Held Sunday in Wood Park

For the sixth year in a row, Cinnaminson resident Scott Lunn is inviting the community to a special 9/11 ceremony this weekend at

The non-partisan, non-political community event will honor those lost in the , Lunn said, as well as emergency workers who serve the community still.

“I think it’s important that we never forget and we remember and respect those who have fought for our freedom and those who are serving us daily and keeping us safe,” Lunn said. “Especially in these times that are very challenging.”

The schedule is packed for the day and Lunn said he’s even getting more people who wish to speak. Lunn keeps the event open to the public if anyone would like to give a speech, share a story or even recite a poem.

The Girl and Boy Scouts will be in attendance as well as musicians from the and . Singers will be performing patriotic songs.

Local , and other emergency workers are also invited to the event.

Lunn, who in last year’s election for township committee, was the mayor of Barrington in Camden County the day the planes hit the World Trade Center in New York.

Back then, Lunn said he was touched by a young girl he met who had lost her father, who was a firefighter, in 9/11.

“She talked about how wonderful her father was, but then, he didn’t come home,” Lunn told Patch last year.

The theme of this year’s remembrance ceremony is “Brave and Unafraid.”

“The main reason for this,” Lunn said, “is to unite the community, so people recognize who are serving them selflessly.”

The in Wood Park near the gazebo at 2 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 9. Everyone is invited to attend.

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