Jul 26, 2014
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County Extends Deadline for Business Survey

Employers have another month to provide workforce needs data.

County Extends Deadline for Business Survey

Burlington County Freeholder Joseph Donnelly, of Cinnaminson, urged county businesses to respond to an online Workforce Needs Survey, saying that the deadline for response was being extended for another month.

“Frankly, we have been disappointed with the response rate thus far but, at the same time, realize that the survey was first promoted and circulated during the holiday season,” said Donnelly. “Hopefully, by extending the deadline, we will be giving employers more time to focus on the survey and respond.

The deadline to respond, originally set for Jan. 15 will be extended to Feb. 25. Donnelly noted the survey is more comprehensive than one that was issued a year ago.

The survey is aimed at identifying the knowledge, skills, and abilities that businesses need its workforce to possess and any difficulties they may have in hiring employees. It is a more comprehensive survey from one issued at the beginning of the year.

The survey is a joint initiative of the Burlington County Workforce Investment Board (WIB); Burlington County College; the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce; and the Burlington County Bridge Commission’s Department of Economic Development and Regional Planning.

Donnelly said employers can access the survey at  burlcowib.com or call 609-265-5603 for more information. More than 4,000 businesses are being contacted and encouraged to respond.

From the results, the County hopes to develop strategies and programs that can improve the workforce skills matching businesses’ staffing needs. The bottom line is to improve ways to match the needs of businesses with the workforce.

Companies and individuals who respond to the survey are not required to identify themselves, although they are encouraged to do so. 

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