Jul 26, 2014
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Letter to the Editor: TV Coverage of Sandy Was Exploitation

One reader thinks TV news sensationalized Hurricane Sandy entirely too much.

Letter to the Editor: TV Coverage of Sandy Was Exploitation

To the editor:

Pathetic how television coverage of Hurricane Sandy has declined to a point where it turns my stomach.

I have watched the last four days and was witness to TV reporters covering the event as if it were the Super Bowl. They sensationalize the actual storm with the mandatory shot of a reporter standing outside in the wind and rain, elaborating the obvious by telling us how dangerous it is and not to go outside. Then when the storm is over and people are returning to their homes for the first time, there they are sticking a microphone in some poor soul's face and asking "How do you feel seeing this devastation for the first time?"  

How do you think they feel? I ask you, what good does it do the viewer to witness these unfortunate people at the low point in their lives? Also, they love telling you how they have helped a few people along the way, giving themselves a generous pat on the back. That is not TV coverage; that is exploitation for the sake of ratings. 

Shame on them. 

Robert Gwynn

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