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Most-Read Stories of the Year on Cinnaminson Patch

Count down with us the top 10 stories that captured Cinnaminson Patch readers' attention in 2012.

Most-Read Stories of the Year on Cinnaminson Patch Most-Read Stories of the Year on Cinnaminson Patch Most-Read Stories of the Year on Cinnaminson Patch Most-Read Stories of the Year on Cinnaminson Patch Most-Read Stories of the Year on Cinnaminson Patch


With the year coming to a close, we’re taking a look back at the most-read stories in 2012 on Cinnaminson Patch.

Looking at the top 10, it’s clear readers want to know about crime and police-related news that happens in Cinnaminson. Those types of stories dominate the top 10. Although only one business story cracked the top 10, several others, including the Brothers Pizza saga and the new go-kart track, just missed the cut.

Here are Cinnaminson Patch’s most-read stories in 2012:

10. Police: Cinnaminson Man Arrested After Fight with Juvenile

Sometimes it’s the small stories that capture readers’ attention. This was a simple police report that ended up drawing more readers than the average arrest report. Originally published May 3


A drug deal gone wrong led to a chest stabbing, according to police. A 17-year-old, who also robbed the man, allegedly stabbed the 20-year-old victim, and was later arrested. Originally published July 2

8. Driver Identified as Cinnaminson Man in Tuesday's Fatal Accident

The single-car accident claimed the life of David Koloski, a 53-year-old Cinnaminson husband and father. Originally published Sept. 5

7. New Restaurant District 611 Set to Open in Riverton

Third time’s the charm for this location? District 611 owners certainly hope so. This restaurant has Stephen Starr alumni power behind it. Originally published Oct. 22

6. Cinnaminson Pics & Clips

This top story isn’t a story at all, but our ongoing photo gallery. If you snap a great picture around town, see something interesting or catch something we miss, just add it to the Pics & Clips gallery.

5. 12 Arrested in Mount Laurel Prostitution Sting

This top story came from over our borders, after Mount Laurel police decided to target prostitution at township motels. A dozen suspects from around South Jersey were charged with prostitution-related crimes. Originally published July 13

4. Police: Delran Woman Swindles Friends with Cancer Scheme

A woman’s “miracle recovery” from bladder cancer was not your run-of-the-mill con job, police allege. After Lori Stilley made a miraculous turnaround—and after she had raked in thousands in supportive donations and gifts—her alleged scheme began to unravel. Originally published Sept. 26


A wide-ranging plot at the Cinnaminson Sewerage Authority cheated taxpayers out of a huge chunk of change, investigators allege. A network of employees, many who have family ties, were charged in the scandal. Originally published Feb. 15

2. Lawyer for Kelly Altenburg: My Client Wasn't in the Room

This case captured regional attention: a special education teacher accused of bullying an autistic student in Cherry Hill. The student’s father taped the alleged abuse and published it on YouTube. In this story, a lawyer for the teacher under says the educator wasn’t in the room at the time of the recording. Originally published April 28


The news that a fight at Cinnaminson’s Wawa led to a box cutter stabbing stormed to our most-read piece in just one day. Police say a woman living illegally here stabbed the victim after the two fought in a Wawa parking lot. Originally published June 27

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