Jul 28, 2014
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Pompeston Creek: Awareness Is Key

The Pompeston Creek cleanup this weekend is not only about keeping the water healthy, but letting residents know it exists, and it needs help.

Pompeston Creek: Awareness Is Key Pompeston Creek: Awareness Is Key Pompeston Creek: Awareness Is Key

The Park cleanup is not just about pulling tires, bicycles and other trash out of the Pompeston Creek; it’s about awareness.

“It’s been here such a long time, it’s really a historic little creek,” said , member of the Pompeston Creek Watershed Association, the group behind the cleanup. “We just try to make it healthy and make people aware of it. People aren’t even aware of it.”

The Pompeston Creek runs through Cinnaminson, Moorestown, Riverton, Riverside and Delran. The PCWA works to keep the waterway clean and protect the wetlands that surround it.

The group is heading up its annual cleanup day at Fountain Farms, a main part of the creek where water flows down into Lakeview.

Bresnahan started the cleanup days for the organization but Cindy Pierson has since taken over lead duties.

“When I first moved here 10 years ago, “Bresnahan said, “when I walked my dog down there, it was upsetting to me to see it so full of litter. That’s really disheartening. That’s how the whole thing got started.”

Every year, Bresnahan said, the cleanup has gotten easier, and the days of pulling 13 bicycles and mattresses out of the creek are over—hopefully.

“We just want people to take time to appreciate it,” she said. “Just try to keep it clean so it gets healthier and healthier.”

And, each year, more and more people have been receptive to the group’s efforts; Bresnahan said last year was the biggest year yet, with the most community members helping clean the creek.

., but PCWA members will be out early to try and beat the heat. Gloves, boots, water and a baby pool for cooling off will be provided.

“My biggest thing is just to bring more and more awareness,” Bresnahan said. “This exists and it’s called the Pompeston and it’s a great little creek. We’re so lucky.”

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