23 Aug 2014
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Apt. Burglary Spurs Rush-Hour Showdown on Cuthbert Blvd.

Police nabbed a trio of alleged burglars Tuesday morning as commuters watched the incident unfold mere feet from their vehicles.

Apt. Burglary Spurs Rush-Hour Showdown on Cuthbert Blvd. Apt. Burglary Spurs Rush-Hour Showdown on Cuthbert Blvd.

A reported burglary at the Bishop's View apartment complex led to a rush-hour car stop Tuesday morning that eyewitnesses described as a spectacle.

Guns drawn, Cherry Hill police officers pulled over a Volvo SUV on the southbound side of Cuthbert Blvd. near North Park Drive just after 9 a.m., creating a scene drivers couldn't miss as they headed over the bridge toward Route 70.

Allie Burger, 32, of Oaklyn, said she initially thought it was a car accident, but then saw “this Volvo SUV sitting there, completely unscathed,” and slowed her vehicle.

Traffic stalled around her, as other drivers rubbernecked to get a look at the situation. Just a few feet from her window, Burger saw three police officers “standing or crouching behind a police car,” guns drawn. She said at least one or two may have possibly been armed with rifles or shotguns.

“They had the big guns out,” she said. “It was not a handgun.”

As Burger continued over the bridge—which she noted was not closed to traffic during the encounter—another two or three police vehicles arrived on the scene, officers “flying out of their cars and flying across the bridge with their guns drawn.

“I’ve never seen police action like that in my life,” she said. “I think the police might have thought they were about to get into some shootout or something.

“Everybody was on the bridge,” Burger said. “The only thought I had was, ‘Get the hell out of here.' It looked to me at that moment that it could have played out any which way.”

Although it may have looked scary in the moment, the incident was resolved not long after the stop, Cherry Hill police said. .

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