Jul 29, 2014

Camden County Library Adds Smartphone App

Check it out on iTunes and the Google Play store.

Camden County Library Adds Smartphone App

The  Camden County Library system? Yeah, there’s an app for that.

The new mobile app, which allows library members to do everything from find books to download digital music, is now out on iTunes and  Google Play for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

“This marks another innovation in our library system to foster connectivity with our residents and adapt to the changing environment of technology,” said freeholder Ian Leonard, who serves as liaison to the library system. “Today’s libraries are so much more than books. They have grown to become the heart of the community, and this new tool will enhance and improve a very successful organization.”

The free app has plenty of features built in—library members can store a digital version of their library card, look up books by keyword, author, title, or even scan a book’s barcode to find it in the library system’s collection.

Readers can also check out electronic materials, including ebooks, via the app, and can register for programs and classes at the various branches throughout the county.

It also lets users find nearby branches and access the full version of the library system’s website for readers who need more beyond what’s available on the app.

“The Camden County Library continues to evolve by offering the latest technologies to its members,” Leonard said. “The ability to search for books and other materials on a phone or mobile device complements the way people search for information today.”

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