Jul 29, 2014

Oaklyn P.D. Looking for Help in Alleged Hit-and-Run

Early Sunday morning, a young woman struck a parked car, damaging her own vehicle severely in the process, and then fled the scene, police say. Have you seen anything?

Oaklyn P.D. Looking for Help in Alleged Hit-and-Run

Oaklyn Police are looking for any information from the public that could help solve a hit-and-run case involving an unoccupied, parked vehicle.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of Sunday, December 2.

According to a statement issued by Oaklyn Police Chief Joseph Abbate, “Witnesses observed a young female, possibly 20-30 years old, with shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing hot pink pants, a black top, and high-heeled shoes standing in the street, surveying damage to the vehicle.”

The woman was reportedly driving a “possibly silver” mid-sized sedan or coupe that suffered “visible damage to the front passenger fender” and a flattened front passenger wheel in the incident.

According to police, after striking the parked car and inspecting the damage, the woman then got into her vehicle and drove off along Kendall Blvd. toward West Clinton Ave.

“Officers immediately arrived on the scene but were unable to locate the vehicle,” the statement said.

Police believe the driver may not have gone far on the damaged wheel. They’re asking anyone with information to come forth, especially anyone who may work in the automotive field.

“A purchase or repair consistent with this damage may be valuable information to help identify this individual and vehicle,” the statement read.

Can you help? Call the Oaklyn P.D. at 856-854-0049, and ask to speak with someone in the detective bureau (extensions 6028 or 6030).

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