Jul 28, 2014

The Search for Love and Laughs

You know what? Sometimes, finding love is really funny.

The Search for Love and Laughs The Search for Love and Laughs

Who says Valentine’s Day needs to be all love and flowers?

Let’s face it Cranford, sometimes, love doesn’t exactly work out as planned. Whether it’s bad dates or a good intention that led to a bad outcome — like arranging a skiing trip and breaking your leg on the trip, or buying a gift that triggered your boyfriend's allergies — everyone has stories about trying to find, impress or keep “the one.”

Some of those stories are pretty hilarious — in hindsight, of course.

That’s why Cranford Patch wants to hear our residents’ bad, unfortunate or funny stories from past dates, break-ups or attempts to impress their significant other. We'll feature the stories as part of our Valentines coverage — hey, it really isn't all love and flowers — that will run in the days leading up to the big day.

Interested in sharing? Email Editor Toniann Antonelli at toniann.antonelli@patch.com or call her at 908-380-1403 to set up an interview. Or, just add your story to the comments section of this page!

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