Jul 29, 2014
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Who Makes the Best Coffee in Cranford?

You can't get moving without your favorite cup 'o joe. Cast a ballot for your favorite caffeine connection.

Who Makes the Best Coffee in Cranford? Who Makes the Best Coffee in Cranford?

You need it to kickstart your morning, to nudge you across the finish line at the end of a long day.  Of course, those three cups in the middle of the day don’t hurt either.

Maybe it’s just the tool you need to get together with friends? After all, “Buy you a cup of coffee?” sounds a lot better than “Want to share a plate of artichoke hearts?”

 Nobody needs a reason to drink coffee these days. Those brewed beans have become an essential part of everyone’s day, so whether it’s the local coffee shop, the diner around the corner or even the corner market, Patch’s “Best Of” goes searching this week for the purveyor of perked perfection. So, whether you take it black, four sugars, half-skim-half-whole-milk, give us your favorite and let us know what makes your coffee connection the best part of your caffeinated day.

You know the drill, we post the story today and keep it on the site through noon on Friday. Then we’ll run the numbers, crown our winner and give the newly named champ a chance to let us all in on their secret!

The following is a list of the shops you can vote for in the poll:

  • Cranford Family Restaurant

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