Jul 30, 2014

Hurricane Sandy Clean Up Continues

Tree and branch collection expected to continue.

Hurricane Sandy Clean Up Continues

It’s been more than a month since Hurricane Sandy hit, and it could be at least another month before the township finally cleans up all the branches and debris it left behind.

Township officials said Monday that Public Works employees have been working on the clean up since the storm need, but there is still much to be done and pick up will continue for at least another month

However, Township Administrator James White said during Monday’s Township Council meeting that the priority right now is loose leaf collection, which will hopefully be done before more inclement weather hits the area, making the job far more difficult.

During the meeting, White pointed out that Public Works crews have noticed that many contractors are leaving trees and branches that they have taken down since the storm in the street. However, he said contractors should be disposing of the waste on their own, not leaving it in the curb.

In fact, there have been times, White said, that employees have cleaned an entire area, only to return the next day to find more trees and branches put out for pick up. If you hire a contractor to remove a tree or large limb on your property, the contractor may dispose of the wood for free at the township’s leaf composting facility on Edgeboro Road at no cost.

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