Jul 30, 2014

Meet Author Michael Curtis at the Senior Center

Discuss Gender and Politics in the Middle East at the Senior Center

Meet Author Michael Curtis at the Senior Center

Visit with Michael Curtis, author of “Should Israel Exist? A Sovereign Nation Under Attack by the International Community” during a visit to the East Brunswick Senior Center tonight, Thursday, Oct. 11, at 7 p.m.

The event was originally scheduled for the East Brunswick Library, but had to be moved due to the ongoing roof project.

Professor Michael Curtis, PhD, brings a clear and concise pre­sentation of the reality facing Israel and the world. Curtis’ thoroughly-researched book uses historical facts and concrete examples to deftly lay out for the reader how the attitudes, lies and false dealings of the international community are used against Israel. He also touches on the impact of this issue on the world-at-large.

Dr. Michael Curtis is professor emeritus of political science at Rutgers University and has taught at several other institutions, including Yale University and Cornell University. He has written and edited more than fifteen books in the fields of comparative politics, political theory and Middle East affairs. Sponsored by Rutgers Institute for Women and Art’s Fertile Crescent Project.

For more information on this event call 732-390-6767 or go to The Library’s website at http://www.ebpl.org and click on “News & Events.”

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