Jul 29, 2014
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35 Gallon Fish Tank combo *mint condition*

35 Gallon Fish Tank combo *mint condition*
Selling well maintained, 1 year old 35 gallon salt fish tank with all of the following to support a salt water environment (tank can be used for freshwater)

**no livestock** We sold it all. 

  • 35 Gallon Hexagon Tank + Black Stand + Hood (original price $330)
  •  High performance Fluval Sea Light; 312 LEDs/25W; full spectrum to promote and support coral (2 months old; original price $180) 
  • Fluval 206 canister filter (original price $140)
  • Red Sea Prism Protein Skimmer
  • EHEIM Jager Heater 200W (original price $35)
  • 3 Hydro Nano circulation pumps/fans (original price $50+each) 

Price includes left over maintenance supplies (Hydrometer, thermometer, carbon, media bags, water test kit, etc) 

Pick up only.
Email marcnkathy@comcast.net

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