Jul 29, 2014

Police Pick Up on Alleged 911 Hang-Up Caller

Fair Lawn police arrested a man Friday that they allege has made over 60 abandoned 911 calls to the department over the course of several months.

Police Pick Up on Alleged 911 Hang-Up Caller

A Paterson man whom police say is responsible for dozens of hang-up 911 calls over the past few months from two separate cell phones, was arrested Friday night after allegedly placing 43 false alarm calls that evening alone.

Cory Brown, 39, was taken into custody and charged with making a false public alarm after police, who had narrowed down the phone's location through  cell tower triangulation with the help of AT&T, said they saw him respond to a call they placed to his cell phone.

After determining the phone's general vicinity in Paterson through triangulation, officers used any distinctive noises audible in the background of the calls to lead them to their suspect, Sgt. Richard Schultz said.

Their break came when Sgt. James Corcoran heard a leaf blower in the background of one of the calls and was able to locate the individual using it.

While Schultz said the person with the leaf blower didn't end up being the hang-up caller, police soon located their suspect, later identified as Brown, who was walking nearby.

Police picked up Brown in the area of 10th Avenue and East 27th Street after Corcoran placed a baiting call to the rogue cell phone's number and saw Brown respond to it, Schultz said.

Brown was taken into police custody, charged and released on his own recognizance. He'll appear in municipal court on Oct. 24 at 6 p.m.


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