Jul 26, 2014
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Sandy Forces Fort Lee Schools to Close Again Tuesday

Fort Lee public schools will be closed Tuesday, Oct. 30 because of the storm, as state Education Commissioner issues statement urging schools to close statewide.

Sandy Forces Fort Lee Schools to Close Again Tuesday

Fort Lee students, like many across the state, will have another day off from school Tuesday, school officials announced.

“Due to the severe weather conditions from Hurricane Sandy all Fort Lee district schools and offices will be closed Tuesday,” Superintendent of Schools Steven Engravalle announced on the school district’s website.

In addition, all sports, clubs, after-school activities and the latch-key aftercare program are also cancelled for Tuesday, according to Engravalle.

The approaching storm had already forced Fort Lee school officials to close school Monday, as well as to cancel the Fort Lee Board of Education meeting scheduled for Monday night.

New Jersey Department of Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf issued a statement Monday afternoon “encouraging all superintendents and charter schools across the stat to cancel school [Tuesday]” because of “worsening conditions” from the storm, although he said the decision was a local one.

"While we respect that these decisions need to be made at the local level, all indications are that the worst of the storm will be hitting New Jersey this evening and tomorrow, and it is of the utmost importance that we consider the safety of our students, school staff and district personnel at this time,” Cerf said in the statement, adding, “I cannot be any clearer: the effects of the storm are only going to get worse and it is in everyone's best interest for districts and charters to cancel school [Tuesday].”

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