23 Aug 2014
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An Elk's Tale

An Elk's Tale

The other day at the Freehold Lodge I heard a gentlemen at the bar repeat “if you don’t have Elkdom in your heart, and you’re not doing things in the spirit of Elks everywhere…what’s the point?”  Now I can already hear some of you shouting, “What are they talking about? Who are the Elks? Oh, that drinking club at the point downtown? Egh, who cares?”

Well, yea “that drinking club downtown” has so much more to it than meets the eye.  First off, they are NOT a DRINKING CLUB.  They are a private social club-one of which is probably in almost every town around the country!  They have over a million members nationwide.  Their foundation and core is based on 4 things: Charity, Justice, Brotherly and Fidelity.  Those pillars are grooved out in their member’s hearts and through charitable events, they provide services and help to those in need.  Generous donations are made to local volunteer organizations, special needs children, veterans in every sense of the word, and graduating students. 

AND that ladies and gentlemen is what “Elkdom” means.  It means they help others in any way they can.  They raise money and donate their time NOT to benefit themselves or to make themselves look good. It is to enhance the lives of those around them- to those less fortunate, to those we all want to thank for serving our country, to those we want to help through a rough time.   If today’s generation can wrap their heads around that, then the Order will last many more years.  We cannot thank just one person in this triumphant battle of helping others in our community, we have to thank our team of members that help us stay strong.  

I could write on and on with statistics and figures about the Elks that would blow your mind.  What it boils down to is that the Freehold Elks lodge at 73 East Main Street in Downtown Freehold has SOMEHOW gotten viewed in a negative connotation.  With all of the amazing work that this Lodge does in it community, I am utterly astounded of how this reputation hasn’t withered away.  Most of our newspapers only publish the bad press about these “clubs”.  GOOD NEWS should be in the headlines too folks!  You can’t forget that every event that they hold, every drink that they pour, every friend you bring down to their lodge helps their bottom line.  It helps them keep doing what they are doing-which is improving the lives of others!   Anyone can be an Elk. All that they ask is that you are at least 21 years of age, an American citizen, have a belief in God, and have a good moral compass.  It isn’t all that hard!  If you have some free time and meet those qualifications, feel free to email the lodge (freeholdelks@gmail.com) about becoming a member.  New members are the lodge’s lifeline and Vintage members definitely aren’t afraid to show you the ropes.

With the active members the lodge has now, they will be slowly refurbishing the lodge.  With a little paint and elbow grease, the place does clean up nice.  Their building is a historic dinosaur in and of itself-large and old!  3 Stories of History and more to be made there!  The lodge shows real promise but needs members, new and old to keep her in Freehold’s History Books for the years to come.  If you haven’t been to the lodge or are curious and just want to come and visit, please email them or checkout their Facebook or the Freehold Patch for upcoming events.  They need the support from our Freehold Community so I ask you--  is there a way you can support this organization?  If there is, don't be afraid to shoot us an email.  Thank you for listening Freehold.

-Amanda Bloodgood

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