Jul 29, 2014
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Freehold Township Police Rescue Silvermead Resident

A door-to-door notification resulted in the rescue of an injured Silvermead resident.

Freehold Township Police Rescue Silvermead Resident

An injured Silvermead resident was rescued over the weekend because of an above and beyond effort made by the Freehold Township Police Department.

Lt. Robert Brightman, acting chief of the Freehold Township Police Department, explained that township police have been closely watching all residential communities ever since Hurricane Sandy hit last Monday. One of the more closely watched communities in town has been Silvermead, an over-55 community.

When Sandy hit, Freehold Township set up two reception areas for residents who were seeking shelter from the storm. One reception area was in Silvermead.

“There was a large concern for those residents in the Silvermead community,” Brightman said. “A large number of residents there have electric heat and that caused much concern for those in the 55-plus community, especially those with medical conditions and other needs.”

In the days following Sandy, Freehold Township police increased patrols to all areas of the town. Brightman reported that on Saturday, township police went door-to-door in Silvermead. While conducting the post-Sandy notifications under Sgt. Scott Keenan, Police Officer Joseph Winowski and Police Officer William Ketelaar heard a woman calling out for help.

According to Brightman, the woman had fallen and broken her leg. She had been on the floor for two days and was cold and hungry. Police forced an entry into the woman's home and called First Aid who transported the woman to CentraState Medical Center. When found, the woman was conscious but unaware of her surroundings. She was treated for her broken leg and is now stable. 

“We believe that these efforts may have saved the life of a resident,” said Brightman. He continued by stating, “Freehold Township Police will continue to increase patrols of residences and businesses until the community has been re-powered.”

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