Jul 29, 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Freehold Businesses Revive Fountain

Jared Earhart explains how area businesses contributed to restoring an old fountain outside Earhart Automotive.

Letter to the Editor: Freehold Businesses Revive Fountain

I started working at the shop 23 years ago and always wanted to fix up the old fountain. Back then, it was filled with dirt and had weeds growing in it!

When I did a little research on it, I found that it was built there in front of a house that used to stand just behind it. The house, which was demolished back in 1965, was built around 1860 and we believe the base to the fountain was built around the same time. I have a pic showing the house with the fountain when Broad Street was a dirt road!

Marianne Earle helped us restore the base of the fountain. Joe Fortunato of Fortunato Concrete Pool Restorations did the tile and the plaster inside and Taylor and Taylor did the landscaping around it. John Avino from A&E Pools helped us put the top together. I am glad when I hear that so many people enjoy seeing it back in working order!

Jared Earhart

Photo of the Earhart fountain courtesy of The Freehold Project, an anonymous group of residents dedicated to beautifying Freehold and recognizing others who do the same.

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