Jul 29, 2014
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Mayor Higgins Reminds Residents About Brush and Leaf Collection

Mayor Nolan Higgins also discussed proper electronic and grass clipping disposal at Council meeting.

Mayor Higgins Reminds Residents About Brush and Leaf Collection

As the weather turns cooler, the Freehold Borough Council wants to remind residents of the autumn brush and leaf collection. During the Monday night Borough Council meeting, Mayor Nolan Higgins discussed the schedule of brush and leaf pick up, and asked for Borough residents' help with proper grass and electronic disposal.

“Freehold Borough will be providing brush collection services in the month of October; this will be the last opportunity to place brush at the curb until March,” explained Higgins. “If you generate any brush after October, you can bring it to the Public Works Center on Center Street during normal business hours or simply tie it and place it at the curb on normal trash pick up days."

Higgins reminded residents that brush bundles cannot exceed four-feet in length. According to Higgins, the street department will work to clear brush bundles until the end of October.

“Since the July storm our Street Department has been occupied with other projects and routine upkeep of our park streets and municipal facilities. We certainly understand the scope of the clean up which most of our residents have been undertaking and our Street Department will work to clear all of the remaining brush until the end of October.”

In addition to brush clean up, Higgins also mentioned that leaf collection would begin on Nov. 1. Leaves are to be placed at the curb in piles or in clear plastic bags. In order for leaf collection to run smoothly, Higgins reminded residents to refrain from parking cars over leaf piles.

While discussing leaf pick up, Higgins addressed the audience and asked meeting attendees to spread the word about the proper way of disposing grass clippings and electronics.

“Grass clippings left at the roadside are creating a water drainage issue during storms,” he said. “We are also asking residents and lawn service companies to leave clippings out of the gutters. This makes it difficult if not impossible for the street sweeper to maneuver our streets.”

As a reminder, Higgins also asked residents to recycle their electronics, such as computers and televisions, into the dumpster dedicated to them in the Borough yard instead of placing them at the curb.

Higgins ended the discussion about autumn brush and leaf collection by saying, “With everyone’s cooperation we will have an even cleaner Borough.”

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