Jul 28, 2014

Children's Art Classes Ages 8-12

The Noyes Museum of Art provides fun and informative art classes for young people that teach fundamental art concepts and art history. Discussions of artwork in the galleries will precede the hands-on art project.

Not just for homeschool children!

Preregistration is required a minimum of 1 week in advance.


Series one:

September 30 –Molas: In honor of Hispanic History Month and inspired by the colorful embroidered cloth panels used in the clothing of the Kuna women of Panama and Columbia, we'll create our own artwork featuring a central image of an animal, line patterns and layers of rich color.

October 28 – Flying Home: The giant nests in the Refuge: Robert Lach exhibition and the beautiful imagery of Charlie Harper's birds and nests lead us to explore the beauty of birds and their unique homes. Adapting Harper's unique artistic expressiveness to our own creations, we'll turn geometric shapes, stamps and collage into detailed scenes of nesting and flying birds.

November 18 – Arcimboldo Printed & Drawn Self Portrait: The clever paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo make us laugh. That leads us to think about "What facial feature can I make out of a green bean or a tomato slice?" Draw a playful grape eye, orange wedge smiles and corn cob hair-- fruits and vegetables become faces in these stamped and drawn self portraits.

Series Two:

December 9 – Stankard Snow Globes: Inspired by the superb art glass on exhibit in Paul Stankard: Poetry in Glass and the coming winter holiday season, create sparkling snow globes filled with natural elements, hand-molded in colorful polymer clay.

January 13 – Van Gogh "Starry Night" Group Mural: Study and interpret a famous painting using your own style. Draw or paint blocked sections of "Starry Night" and join the pieces together with the rest of the class for a quilt effect.

February 10 – Whimsical Wooden Wildlife: Make wild and wonderful mini animals from wooden shapes. Position the parts to add depth to the creatures and finish them with colorful painted details. Make it into a pin or put it on a black felt background to give as a Valentine's Day gift.

Series Three:

March 9 – Mondrian Tape Paintings: Inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch abstract painter and co-founder of the "De Stijl" art movement, we'll use tape and paint to achieve surprising results.

April 13 – Friendly Robots: In honor of Earth Day, discover green power with recycled art materials! Build a friendly robot sculpture and print a jazzy background using recycled materials to create texture and pattern.

May 11 – Niki St. Phalle Sculptures: Clay Dig your fingers into this clay project and learn about the lighthearted and imaginative sculptures of French artist Niki de Saint Phalle.


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