Jul 29, 2014

Green Tip of the Week: Stainless Steel and Reusable Containers

Plastic bottles are more expensive and not good for the environment, Go Green Galloway says.

Green Tip of the Week: Stainless Steel and Reusable Containers

The following tip comes courtesy the Go Green Galloway Task Force for Sustainability, concerning the use of stainless steel and reusable containers.

Plastic bottles for water are becoming more and more something we should learn to live without.  The chemical leaching from the plastic, especially when warm, can cause serious health problems.  The “one use” factor and the reality that 80% of these bottles fail to get recycled make them even less desirable.

Have you heard of the garbage patch floating in our oceans? Plastic bottles that end up in our waters don’t just pollute, they enter the foodchain when they photodegrade into smaller particles. Plus, they are not a good value: bottled water is $1.27/gal versus tap water which is $0.0015/gal. You be the judge!

Please consider the use of stainless steel or aluminum reusable containers.  Check them out online or in sports and camping stores near you. It will be good for your health and the environment.

For more information, call the Galloway Township Department of Community Education at 609-652-3700, ext. 209 or email bfiedler@gallowaytwp-nj.gov  

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