Jul 26, 2014
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Mayor Wants Council to Consider Liquor Distribution License

He brought it up again after initially mentioning it in June.

Mayor Wants Council to Consider Liquor Distribution License

In the wake of Galloway Township employees receiving notices of on Monday, Sept. 10, Mayor Don Purdy once again mentioned a liquor distribution license the township is in possession of at the council meeting on Tuesday night, Sept. 11.

“This license would’ve brought in more money in the past, but I need to think about today,” Purdy said, referring to the current economic climate in the township and the country. “It could spark economic development. If someone had the license and opened something up, they would need employees. There’s land here in Galloway Township that can be used. I will leave no stone unturned to help the people of Galloway, but I need the support of council.”

The license allows prospective business owners to purchase an empty lot and a liquor license at the same time, rather than purchasing the lot and then taking an extra step to purchase the license. According to Purdy, the Township has been in possession of the license for the last three or four years. When he first mentioned the license in June, he said it had been a year and a half since the last inquiry about it.

“I agree with you,” Councilman Tom Bassford said Tuesday night. “It doesn’t hurt us to put out a minimum bid.”

Purdy referred to a license that was sold in a neighboring community a few years back, but recognized the economic situation is drastically different. He also thought it might be easier to sell the license if the person had a building they could move right into.

Solicitor Michael Fitzgerald cautioned council that once the license is sold, anything that comes after that is out of council’s control.

“The owner can do whatever they want,” Fitzgerald said.

As Councilman John Mooney pointed out there are a couple of licenses “floating around” in Absecon, Fitzgerald agreed it’s “not the best time to do it.”

Ultimately, council agreed to put a resolution on the next agenda to consider sale of the license.

“Before the end of the year, I want to get this done,” Purdy said.

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