Jul 28, 2014

Township Employees to Receive Layoff Notices Monday

Previously discussed layoffs would take effect after Jan. 1.

Township Employees to Receive Layoff Notices Monday

Most of Galloway Township's employees, including the entire police department, will receive a layoff notice on Monday, Sept. 10, NBC 10 first reported Friday night, Sept. 7. Receiving a layoff notice doesn't necessarily mean an employee will be laid off, Mayor Don Purdy told NBC 10.

All employees are receiving the notices, with the exception of statutory employees.

Layoffs were first discussed during the , shortly after Arch Liston took over as Township Manager. Employees have been for the last two years, and the most recent round of employee furloughs ended last Friday, Aug. 31.

“Furloughs were a great concept when we needed to cut costs and we thought the economy would recover,” Liston said during a budget workshop earlier this year. “That hasn’t happened.”

Employees were first furloughed two years ago, after an initial notice of possible layoffs, such as the one that is expected to be issued Monday. At that time, the township and the police department, and two officers were laid off.

Employees received mandatory furloughs, but later won a after those furloughs were extended. As part of the agreement, employees agreed not to take back wages. They agreed to 12 furlough days in 2012 in exchange for not having to worry about layoffs.

That agreement expires Dec. 31.

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