Jul 30, 2014

Haddon Fortnightly Hosts Regional Spelling Bee

The event featured kids from across South Jersey. Orchid was the winning word.

Haddon Fortnightly Hosts Regional Spelling Bee

Submitted from the NJ State Federation of Women's Clubs:

The Southern Region of the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs – Junior Membership is proud to announce the Top Six Finalists in the Southern Regional Spelling Bee.  After many eliminations and a very tough competition last weekend, “orchid” was the winning word.  The winners are listed as follows:


         Place                        Student                                    Sponsor


            1st Place            Zachary Varela                        West Deptford Junior Women’s Club

            2nd Place            Roger Crane                           Merchantville Junior Women’s Club

            3rd Place            Isabella Turner                         Medford Women’s Club

            4th Place            Henrik Hoeldtke                       Woodstown Junior Women’s Club           

            5th Place            Carson Grabowski                   Haddonfield Junior Women’s Club

            6th Place            Andrew Zappley                      Greater Woodbury Junior Women’s Club


Words like “macaroon” “machinery,” and “warbler” couldn’t stop these prodigies.  Trickier words such as “threshold.” “raccoon,” and “innate” were needed to put an end to several spell-offs and keep the Bee heading toward a Top Six.

The Top 6 Finalists of the Central Regional Spelling Bee will compete against other 4th and 5th graders from towns throughout New Jersey in the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs – Junior Membership State Spelling Bee.  The State Spelling Bee will be held on March 9 (snow date of March 10) at the NJSFWC Headquarters on the campus of Douglass Residential College at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.

All 23 contestants in the Central Regional Spelling Bee received a Certificate of Participation.  The contestants were invited to compete after placing in the Top Three in their own club-level spelling bees, sponsored by Junior Woman’s Clubs and local schools. Participating students, listed by club sponsor:

1st place:  Carson Grabowski
2nd place:  Molly Parks
3rdplace: Cole Roddy

Collingswood                                                                                                  1st place:  Dion Chen
2nd place:  Catherine Abacan
3rd place: Camille Chomicowski
1st place:  Isabella Turner
2nd place:  Lea Tarzy
3rd place: Kiley Rubright
1st place:  Saul Richardson
2nd place:  David Nguyen
3rd place: Roger Crane
1st place:  Mason Hunt
2nd place:  Tre Seaman
3rd place: Henrik Hoeldtke

West Deptford

1st place:  Kevin White
2nd place:  Zachary Varela
3rd place: Jeffrey Williams Jr.

The Southern Regional Spelling Bee was hosted by the Junior Woman’s Clubs of Haddonfield at the Haddon Fortnighly.  Juniors from the entire Garden District assisted at the Bee.  The event was run by Merchantville Club member and Southern District Regional Director Danique Martin, and moderated by the Southern Assistant Director, Carol Frisby.  Maggie Boultinghouse of the Woodstown Club served as a splendid pronouncer. Our three esteemed judges were Kelly Darland (Merchantville Club), Jeanne Woerner (Clearview-Wenonah Club), and Deb Balonno (Woodstown Club). There were also registrars from Collingswood, Woodstown and Haddonfield Clubs.

Jersey Juniors are volunteers and members of a statewide association of Women’s Clubs within the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.  They provide opportunities for education, leadership training, and community service.  For more information, go to www.jerseyjuniors.com

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