23 Aug 2014
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Heights Police Warn of Kidnapping Scam

Police say there have been reports from area departments of individuals receiving calls from someone demanding ransom for the release of a kidnapped loved one.

Heights Police Warn of Kidnapping Scam

Hasbrouck Heights Police want the public to be aware of a kidnapping scam which is being reported by area police departments.

Police say several reports have been received by area police departments from individuals reporting they received a telephone call informing them a family member was being held against his or her will. The caller then demands money be sent to an undisclosed bank account.

Police advise anyone who receives a similar call to remain calm and contact the family member immediately. If the family member can not be reached immediately, the police department should be notified. Police say the incident should also be reported once it’s confirmed the family member is safe and okay.

Upon reporting such an incident, police will want confirmation the family member is safe and will want details regarding any specific demands made by the caller such as place and time he/she arranged for ransom to be paid. Other helpful information the police will want to know of is the caller’s gender and if there was any accent detected.

Heights police also encourage the public to attempt to verify the authenticity of the caller’s claim by asking questions to verify the identity of the kidnapped victim.

Police say this scam is similar to one detectives took in numerous jurisdictions in Bergen County.  Those cases were sent to the FBI because multiple law enforcement agencies were receiving complaints.

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