Jul 26, 2014
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GOP Candidates Want to Bring 'Business-Like' Approach

Mayor Carl Suraci is joined by Greg Burchette, who is running in the spot left by Bob Wagner.

GOP Candidates Want to Bring 'Business-Like' Approach GOP Candidates Want to Bring 'Business-Like' Approach GOP Candidates Want to Bring 'Business-Like' Approach

When the Hillsborough delegation of the Somerset County Republican Committee made its selection in June to on the November ballot, Greg Burchette was the man chosen.

Burchette says it is something he knew he wanted for quite some time.

“I have always wanted to run for committee,” Burchette said. “I was planning on doing it after Carl Suraci or Bob Wagner finished. Once Bob took a job with the state, I told them I wanted to do it and they appointed me to the position.”

He said he has learned a lot from others, as well as from being a Hillsborough resident.

“I have been a Hillsborough resident since 1999 and have been involved with the Hillsborough Republican party since 2000, as I have been involved and been in the background in every election on the Republican side as the treasurer,” he said. “I was a good friend with Assemblyman Peter Biondi, who passed away last year, and I was able to learn a lot from him.” 

Besides being a member of the Republican party, Burchette said that he is a member of the Hillsborough Rotary Club, and volunteers annually to work at the organization’s summer fair. 

“I am also a former chairman of the township’s environmental commission, and a current member of the planning board for the past eight years,” he said. "Two of those eight years I was the chairman. I have also been a member of the Municipal Utilities Authority for a year. 

Burchette said he also spends a lot of time traveling with his son.

“I am married and have one son, Jared,” he said. “I travel all over the U.S. with him because he is a go-kart racer. Besides that, I am also a pilot and am the manager of Central Jersey Regional Airport.”

When he isn’t traveling around the country, Burchette spends much of his time at his business in Bridgewater. He thinks that his business background can help him and the town.

“I am the owner of on Union Avenue in Bridgewater,” he said. “I bring a vast knowledge of Hillsborough, as I have been involved a long time. I also bring a business sense as a local business owner. I have been a business owner my whole life.”

Current Mayor Carl Suraci is running alongside Burchette and believes that he will fit right in with their system.

“He has served on the planning board for a number of years, so he brings extensive knowledge of land use laws,” Suraci said. “He is definitely going to fit in with our business-like approach, with him being a local business owner. He has wonderful organization skills, plus he has a son so he is very much in touch of needs of families in town. He has a good feel for the wants and needs of the community in general.”

Suraci is in his ninth year on the committee.

“My intention will be to continue the business-like approach to government and continuing the pay-as-you-go policy for our capital budge,” he said. “We also need to continue to find shared services opportunities. We will also continue to preserve land in Hillsborough wherever we can.”

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