14 Sep 2014
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Hillsborough Encourages Residents To Use Honeywell Instant Alert Messaging

Hillsborough Encourages Residents To Use Honeywell Instant Alert Messaging
by the Township of Hillsborough 

Earlier this year, Hillsborough Township rolled out the Honeywell Alert Notification System to Township residents. “Communicating with the residents of Hillsborough Township and keeping them informed and involved helps to ensure public safety as well as increased involvement in our community,” stated Mayor Doug Tomson at Tuesday’s Township Committee meeting.

“This Friday, the Honeywell Instant Alerting System will be used prior to the active shooter drill at the Municipal Complex,” added Mayor Tomson.

The Honeywell Instant Alert system will be used to deliver brief, informational messages to residents via text message, email and phone message. Messages will range in nature from updates on upcoming events to emergency notifications and closures.

In order for the system to be effective, residents are asked to sign up and maintain the accuracy of the contact information on the profile page. Residents are asked to sign up for the Honeywell Alert System which can be reached via the Township’s website at www.hillsborough-nj.org. Click the link to the Honeywell system.
New Users then can click the “Sign Up” at the top left of the page. Complete all of the required information. Keep in mind when selecting a password, it requires 8 characters, 1 upper case alpha, 1 lower case alpha, 1 digit, 1 special character !@#$%^&*.,?<>|-_=+ and no more than two consecutive identical characters. Upon completion of the registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to create your profile. 

Upon clicking the link in the email you receive from Honeywell support, you will complete your profile and also your contact information. Under the “My Contact Information” section, you will select the types of alerts you wish to receive. Alerts range in nature from field closures to police and fire alerts.

Please be sure to include your cell phone number so you will receive text messages of alerts. Residents are asked to set up their home address as their location, with one location per household, keeping in mind that multiple lines for voice and text messages can be entered.

Additionally, up to six email addresses can be entered for email notifications.Stay informed, sign up today and remember one Honeywell Account per household.

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