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Try Silk Road For A Delicious New Experience

Featuring authentic Afghan dishes, Warren's Silk Road Afghan and Mediterranean Cuisine restaurant can break dining doldrums.

Try Silk Road For A Delicious New Experience Try Silk Road For A Delicious New Experience

If you enjoy flavors that compliment without overpowering, try the exotic Afghan foods served up at Silk Road in Warren. From the complimentary soup to the savory rices, every mouthful is a new treat.

The restaurant recently expanded to meet the growing demand, as diners discover the rare flavors and delightful decor of Silk Road. A slideshow shows scenes of Afghanistan that are at times awesome in beauty, and when combined with the quiet sitar and tabla ragas airing through the music system, enhance the decor.

The restuarant opened about 8 years ago, after owner Abdul Hasa Sidiqee wanted to offer an authentic menu with fresh and organic ingredients. After expanding in the fall of 2010, the restaurant began offering a complimentary bowl of lentil soup with meals.

"My father wanted to give something back to thank all the customers who have been coming through the years," Mustafa Sidiqee, son of the owner, said.

And in appreciation of the fine food and service, customers often line up for weekend dinners—be sure to call 908-561-8288 for reservations.

Silk Road Authentic Afghan and Mediterranean Cuisine

Overview: The recently expanded Silk Road Restaurant offers sumptuous flavors served up in a warm and exotic environment.

Decor: The dark paneling and ceilings give the restaurant an exotic feel, contrasted by a fake fireplace that adds a warm light.

The Drinks: Soda and coffee are on the menu, but while there, why not try the special Chai teas offered?

Appetizers: Every meal is served with complimentary cushed lentil soup, and a generous piece of just-baked flatbread (Naan) to enjoy with your choice of chutney suaces (including a hot pepper, and a cool cucumber). Try the Bholani (a pastry filled with potatoes and spices), Cadu (a butternut pastry), grape leaves, hummus, Ashak (chive, scallion and cilantro-filled dumplings, served fried and covered with ground meat sauce and mint-flavored yogurt; can be made vegetarian style also), or Mantu (beef and leek dumplings, served with lentil garnish and mint yogurt). Astak and Mantu dumplings can also be ordered as an entree ($15.99). Several salads are also available, including the delicious Afghan salad, chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, tossed with lemon and olive oil.

Entrees: It's all about kabobs here—choose from beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, shrimp or a combination—and have it served on a bed of flavorful rice. Prices range from $17.99 t0 $24.99, depending on the choice. Try the chicken breast with Kabli Palaw, a delicately-spiced brown rice topped with carrots and raisins; or perhaps the Ghusfan kabob (lamb) with Ladam Palaw (spiced baghlani rice with spinach). There's also Naringe Palaw (saffron rice with orange peels, almonds and pistachios) and Chalaw (spiced Baghlani rice).

But the restaurant also features a growing vegetarian menu, with such delights as Sabzy, a fresh spinach dish; Banjan, made with eggplant; Bamia, based on okra, and the tomato and cauliflower Gulpi. Each of the vegetarian entrees is proiced at $15.99.

Desserts: Include Baklava, Firni (non-egg custard with ground pistachio garnish), Ghosh Fil ("elephant ears" shaped pastry covered with sugar and ground pistachios), Sheer Beringe (rice pudding with cardamom), Jalebi (made with buttermilk and sugar), and Afghan Paneer (a sweet cheese in homemade cream). Each is $3.99, except the paneer, which is $5.99.  

Service: Service is friendly, helpful and very attentive.

Signature Dish: Mustafa Sidiquee, son of owner Abdul Hasan Sidiqee, said the salmon and shrimp kabob is becoming one of the most popular items on the menu.

Silk Road Afghan and Mediterranean Cuisine 
Address: 53 Mountain Blvd., Warren
Cost: $$$

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