Jul 28, 2014
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Hoboken Schools May Go Back to Middle School Model

The superintendent first wants more community input.

Hoboken Schools May Go Back to Middle School Model

In a few years, Hoboken may again see a middle school. 

By going back to having a traditional middle school—which used to be the case in Hoboken—Superintendent of Schools Mark Toback at Tuesday night's Board of Education meeting proposed organizing the grades by age. Now, students of different ages sometimes have class in the same building. 

But, before anything can happen, Toback said he wants more community input on the proposed measure.

"This is a community decision," Toback said. "It's an idea and that's it."

Currently eighth graders are also housed at . That would no longer be the case if there'd be a middle school in town. 

If the system is changed, grades one through five would probably have class at the . The middle school could be housed at . Grades nine through twelve will remain at the high school. 

If the change is made, it probably wouldn't happen until the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, Toback said. 

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