21 Aug 2014
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Sofia Celebrates Her First Communion on 'Cake Boss'

Here's what you missed on Monday night's new episode.

Sofia Celebrates Her First Communion on 'Cake Boss'

Holy Cake Boss, it's Sofia's Valastro's first communion!

As the episode opens we see Sofia modeling white dresses for her parents Buddy and Lisa at a shop called Princess Charming. Buddy is inexplicably still wearing his Carlo's apron.

“Look at my angel puss,” he says.

As Buddy explains, Sofia is 8, the age at which Catholics receive their first holy communion. We see a photo of Buddy at his first communion, wearing a white suit and Scott Baio's hair from Happy Days. We know Buddy is going to throw his little girl a big party, and he and Lisa discuss what kind of cake to make.

“I owe it to Sofia to make this day as special as mine and my wife's was,” Buddy says.

But, Buddy still has a bakery to run, and he goes to meet with two clients who own a bowling alley. It turns out Buddy used to bowl at that same alley. He's going to make them a cake of a 12-foot-long lane with gutters and 10 pins.

The clients invite Buddy to play a game at the alley. “I'm a little rusty,” he jokes, though he also says he had a pretty good average of 185.

We then see Buddy gathering his old bowling team, the same guys he still bakes with. This is just like when Gibson, Glover and Pesci got back together for that last Lethal Weapon.

“Me, Joey, Mauro and Danny: we're gonna bowl baby!” he boasts.

In the meantime they get to work on the cake. But then Mary asks Buddy about the bowling night, and he tells her it's guys only.

“I'll get my own team, we're gonna beat you,” she says. Put that challenge in the oven and turn it to on.

Besides the bowling project Buddy is also making a five-tier cake for Sofia's communion, where he's expecting 300 guests. He and Lisa had agreed on a Victorian theme, and Buddy is also going to add some symbolic religious touches, including dogwood flowers to represent Jesus.

But just then Buddy gets a call telling him about a construction problem at the Lackawanna factory.

The architect, who sounds and looks a lot like Martin Scorsese, explains to Buddy that the drywall guys had to stop working because the IT guys didn't install the wiring underneath. The contractor, who doesn't look like any famous directors, says the wiring guys are going to need two to three weeks to do their work. “Two or three weeks?” Buddy asks. “Are you kidding me?” Buddy could probably build a cake that flies to the moon in a tenth of the that time.

“I got big cakes on order already,” he says. “Every day this place ain't open it's money out of my pocket.”

Buddy returns to the bakery and says he's going to forget about Lackawanna to focus on Sofia's cake. He applies the flowers and everything looks lovely, with a lot of ornate gold crosses and a gold chalice on top.

“It's like the holy grail of cakes,” Buddy says.

He puts it in the fridge and goes to finish the bowling cake. Just then his sisters walk in wearing pink Carlo's bowling shirts and talking trash. The boys give the girls a “we'll see” look.

The bakers load the cake onto the truck and drive to the bowling alley. They have the match first. “Since the girls were talking smack, I thought we should have just a little bet,” Buddy says. His offer: the losers have to cut and serve the cake to the clients.

The girls get off to a good start, but the boys are too good and win. “It doesn't matter, we were cuter,” Grace jokes.

The girls cut the cake, and the bowling alley owners love it. “I'm speechless,” one of the owners says.

Then we see the Valastro family celebrating Sofia's communion at a fancy banquet hall. Sofia looks very pretty in her white dress and veil. “It's her day, so I had Sofia do the honors,” Buddy says. “Who wants to see my cake!” she exclaims.

As the credits roll we see Buddy and his daughter dance. “I could barely keep it together,” Buddy says. He kisses Sofia on the cheek, while tears stream down the cheeks of everyone else in the family.

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