Jul 28, 2014
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State Officially Revokes Former Construction Official's License

Former Construction Code official Al Arezzo was fired from his job earlier this year.

State Officially Revokes Former Construction Official's License

Former Hoboken Construction Code official Al Arezzo's license has been officially suspended by the state, according to an order to revoke his license. 

In the offical memo dated March 28, 2012, Arezzo is notified that his license was revoked, due to a conflict of interest on 2001 project.

According to the memo—which is signed by Acting Commissioner Richard Constable III and addressed to Arezzo—the former director "obtained a member interest in Triple Minga LLC (owner of 75-04 Monroe Street, Hoboken, New Jersey)."

"From March, 2001 to the sale of and construction on the properety in 2003, you were directly engaged in the construction/development of the property," the document stated also. 

Arezzo didn't recuse himself from the project, according to the memo.

"You allowed the applicant to submit the construction permit application and the construction plans to the City of Hoboken construction code enforcing agency staff from construction code responsibilities on the project," according to the memo. 

It continued, "It is hereby ordered that your licenses to practice under the uniform construction code as construction official, building subcode official and building inspector."

 Until somebody permanent is hired, an interim director will be in place. 

Arezzo was fired from his job and. 

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