20 Aug 2014
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Coming to Red Bank, Coinless Parking Kiosks

New parking kiosks will be installed in four public parking lots by month's end.

Coming to Red Bank, Coinless Parking Kiosks

Red Bank's current parking meter woes could come to an end - potentially - by the end of the month, according to Red Bank Council President Art Murphy.

At Wednesday's borough council meeting, board members approved an ordinance appropriating $350,000 from the Parking Utility Fund to help pay for the acquisition and installation of parking pay stations in several parking lots - though not all - throughout Red Bank.

The plan was first when the borough council approved a contract with Connecticut-based Integrated Technical Systems, Inc., to install the new parking kiosks capable of providing multiple and more customer-friendly ways of paying for parking.

A significant gripe levied against Red Bank by visitors and business owners alike has been the primarily coin-fed meters and the $38 tickets dolled out by the thousands annually often to people actively trying to spend money in the borough. With the new meters, there's no more running into stores for quarters or trying to track down and load inconvenient pre-paid meter cards. 

Murphy said drivers will be able to pay with coins, bills, credit cards, and by cell phone if they wish. 

Installation is expected to begin as early as the end of next week, Murphy said, but definitely before the end of June. Red Bank is introducing the parking kiosks at Maple Cove, White Street parking lot, Marine Park, and English Plaza. Should the kiosks prove successful and popular, Murphy said the borough would consider expanding the kiosks to other lots as well as on-street parking that's currently metered.

Though the kiosks should help alleviate some parking concerns, Murphy said he's aware that the changes could come as a surprise to some visitors. To prevent confusion, Murphy said appropriate signage is being installed as well. It's also likely that the borough will hire part time employees for a couple of weeks to help introduce visitors to the kiosks and explain things if needed. 

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