23 Aug 2014
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Drop the Drugs—Just Not In Front of the Cops, OK?

Also, one alleged burglar calls cops to report someone's trying to steal his stuff.

Drop the Drugs—Just Not In Front of the Cops, OK?

We're beginning to notice a pattern.

Whenever we do our "OMGs from NJ PDs"—a weekly roundup of the wacky, the stunning, the surprising, and the sometimes silly police-related news to come out of New Jersey— East Windsor Patch has a a couple of headsmackers to offer up.

Maybe it's that the police in East Windsor and the surrounding towns are particularly on top of their game. Maybe it's that the alleged criminal element, well ... isn't.

Case in point:  said they arrested six people for drug possession on Jan. 22.

Seems straightforward enough, no?

But police say they became aware of the drugs when, after arriving at a house to deal with a noise complaint, , where police could find it.


In other surprising police news:

  • It's the Pot Calling the Kettle A Little Too Forthcoming: Normally, we add a little sass and casual tone in our write-ups of these OMGs. But the lead does the job without any injection of attitude: "A passenger in a 'suspicious' vehicle reported parked in a driveway on Berdan Avenue early Friday morning told police he was there looking for a misplaced marijuana joint." For the record, police found no drugs at the scene; the driver was arrested on outstanding warrants and got a summons for allegedly operating a vehicle with a suspended license.
  • Speaking of Forthcoming: According to Morris Plains Police, an employee of a  Raceway gas station worked until the end of his shift on Jan. 30, then removed $2,500 from the station's safe.  police said. Cops haven't yet caught up to the employee, but we doubt he's getting points for honesty.
  • What Goes Around: Toms River Police arrested a man. Witnesses had noted the alleged burglar's license plate and were on the lookout for the car when that very same alleged burglar called them for help.
  • They Always Return to the Scene ... of the Arrest? Another one out of East Windsor. Police there say a man was charged with driving while intoxicated and released, but returned to the police station to pick up friends. When officers left the station the next morning they . He smelled of alcohol and pot, and failed field sobriety tests, police said.
  • Location, Location, Location: Madison police arrested a man —a alleged crime made worse because he was in a drug-free zone. He was also in his house. Police say the man was dealing out of his home, adjacent to .
  • That's Not a Knife; That's a Bad Idea: Hillsborough police say they were trying to have a car towed because it was parked improperly—on a sidewalk. And when they were making the arrangements, the car's owner . Police demanded that the man drop the knife several times before he complied, police said.


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