Jul 29, 2014

In West Keansburg, Report of a Brazen Slashing

Hazlet Police investigating report that a 39-year old man was slashed with a razor in his doorway by two men demanding his wallet.

In West Keansburg, Report of a Brazen Slashing

Hazlet Police are investigating a Hazlet resident's report that he was slashed across the chest by two men who came up onto his porch and demanded his wallet. 

Det. Lt. Charles McBride said that a 39-year old resident of Brown Avenue was smoking a cigarette on his raised porch on Sunday night, around 7 p.m. when two men walking by asked him for a cigarette. 

The homeowner said he didn't have any. The two men replied they saw a pack on the chair on the porch, and they walked up onto the porch to confront him.

The homeowner then turned to go inside his house to check on his daughter, with the men still standing on the porch. "He then opens the door and tells them to 'Get out of here,'" said McBride, per the victim's report. 

"One says, 'Give us your wallet' and there's a scuffle and that's when he got cut," said McBride.

The victim said one of the men took out a short razor knife and slashed him across the chest twice before fleeing. One of the slashes drew blood, the other did not. According to police, the cut was minor and the victim did not seek medical attention. 

The two men are described by the victim as 25-30 years of age and weighing between 180 and 200 lbs. One has a shaved head and was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. The other man, who wore his hair in the flat-top style, was wearing a black tank top and blue jeans. 

The men came from the direction of the 8th Street Ballpark in West Keansburg and were walking down Brown Avenue, which leads to Route 36 behind the Dairy Queen. When they fled the scene, they headed towards the nearby Locust Grove trailer park off Route 36, according to the victim. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Hazlet Police at 732-64-6565. 

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