Jul 28, 2014

NJ Bullying Victim Shares Experiences To Raise Awareness

NJ Bullying Victim Shares Experiences To Raise Awareness

James McLaughlin, a 22-year-old homosexual N.J. resident, recently announced his campaign to raise awareness on bullying and how it personally affected him throughout his academic career. McLaughlin decided to use his voice and share his story after learning how many young people are the victims of bullying but are voiceless.

“Bullying is not the problem,”McLaughlin says. “It’s the symptom of a larger problem. And there are no solutions for symptoms.”

McLaughlin hopes to share his story and wisdom that has come through painful experiences with schools and other members of the community.  He has been featured on the MTV documentary “Bullied,” numerous online bullying/LGBT blogs, recently spoke at a bullying summit in Chester, N.J. and interviewed by “Out in NJ” and “Raw Talk Live.”

For more information on his story and to see recent work, visit www.james-mclaughlin.com/. James McLaughlin is also available for speaking engagements throughout the tri-state area. 

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