Jul 28, 2014
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Friday's Storm Update Shows Fewer Outages

Work to continue on power in Howell

Friday's Storm Update Shows Fewer Outages

As the week ends in Howell the administration sent out an update on Friday morning with more information about the power situation in the township. 

For those driving through Howell there are still several lights that are out of commission including Stanley Blvd., Georgia Tavern Road and East 5th Street. The number of road closures has also decreased since yesterday but the township said Route 547 is still closed between Oak Glen road and Victory Road and Southard Ave. is closed from Route 524A and Manassa Road. The administration said at this time Victory Road is "passable."

The latest map from JCP&L shows 3,749 outages in Howell, which is an improvement from the more than 5000 outages which were reported just last night. "We are aggressively dealing with JCP&L to get specific information regarding outages and estimated times," an email from the township said. 

Residents are not the only ones struggling with outages on Friday morning. The email from the township said the phone lines and mail at the new Municipal Building are "not in service," either.

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