Jul 26, 2014
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Middle School South Evacuated After Threat

Students out of class for less than an hour

Middle School South Evacuated After Threat

Classes at were interrupted on Thursday afternoon after a threat was discovered in a boys bathroom in the building.

According to an email from Principal Tom Feaster, the message was believed to be a hoax, but the students and staff were evacuated to the fields until after the police department had a chance to check the building. After clearing the school at 12:45, they were allowed back into the building at 1:30 to finish their day.

Feaster said he was proud of the way the incident was handled by students and staff, but disappointed that it happened at all. "It distresses me to have an incident such as this, especially so early in the school year," he said. 

In his email Feaster said more attention would be paid to the incident in school on Friday. "I intend to address all students regarding the severity of this incident and the severe consequences that may be imposed upon those students who participate in these types of behaviors," he said. 

While the matter will be handled in the building, Feaster also encouraged parents to talk to their children about the seriousness of the matter. "I hope you will address this with your children as well and encourage them to report any information that may lead to apprehending the responsible individual," he said. 

During the last school year the district had several reported that also ended up being hoaxes but disturbed classes as a result. 

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