Jul 26, 2014
Mostly Cloudy

Rain, Snow and Sleet Start 2014 Forecast

Wet weather expected to arrive early Thursday morning and last through Friday afternoon.

Rain, Snow and Sleet Start 2014 Forecast

While the details are still being worked out by the National Weather Service it appears the start of 2014 will involve several days of wet weather that could include a lingering snow storm for much of our area.

After all the New Year’s celebrations are done the snow could arrive as soon as 4 a.m. on Thursday morning before shifting to a mix of snow and sleet later in the morning. The forecast calls for less than one tenth of an inch to fall during that time. As Thursday rolls on the precipitation is expected to shift to a mix of rain and sleet in the morning before moving to rain and snow from there.

With a high near 36 expected on Thursday during the day the amount of precipitation is expected to remain at less than one tenth of an inch. The most likely time for only snow to fall looks to be Thursday night. There is a 70 percent chance of precipitation though no official estimates have been made on how much snow will fall likely into Friday afternoon.

Even when the predicted storm passes on Friday night it will leave a cold trail in its path. The low temperature is expected to be around 5 degrees on a mostly clear night before rising to a high near 29 degrees on a mostly sunny Saturday.

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