Jul 28, 2014
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Tax Deadline extended to Friday

Executive Order signed after recent storms

Tax Deadline extended to Friday

With quarterly tax bills due Nov. 1 the township announced on Monday that following an executive order signed by Gov. Chris Christie residents have a few more days to pay thanks to an extended grace period. 

Instead of the original earlier deadline residents now have until Friday according to an email from Township Manager Helene Schlegel. 

The executive order was signed on Friday to help those people impacted by Hurricane Sandy and the recent snowstorm. "We recognize that many property owners might be unable to access bank records and other important documents because of the storm," the Governor said in a press release. "Also, the unprecedented damage caused by Hurricane Sandy continues to disrupt transportation and communication, which makes it difficult for people to meet normal property tax payment deadlines."

The Howell Township tax office recently relocated to the new Municipal Building on Route 9 and can be found by making a left after getting off the elevator or a right coming off the stairs. 

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